Life is about more than dollars and cents

We believe that each of us can make a positive change in the world. That's why for every mattress you buy we donate one to a child in foster care.

A New Journey

Sage Founder and CEO Jonny Branch and his wife, Whitney, became foster parents in 2018. After years of struggling to begin a family their path became clear when they met and were inspired by the resiliency and strength of one of Denver’s former foster youth. A new journey began when two young girls arrived to their home with nothing more than a single change of clothes, a small toiletry kit, and 2 small stuffed animals. Their needs extended far beyond these items and soon Jonny was imagining ways to serve more than just the children in his care. Sage was born shortly after with a vision of providing comfort and care for every youth in foster care.

Acts of kindness can awaken the heart.
Being a foster parent has opened my eyes to a deeper reality of love.

— Jonny Branch

Make Your Difference

The Karma Kids Program at Sage is at the heart of everything we do. Karma is the belief that our actions have a radiating effect in our own lives and in the lives of others. It is the reflection of each choice we make. We believe in the pursuit of loving kindness toward all beings, and especially the most vulnerable. At Sage we want you to be more than a consumer. Our dream is to inspire people from all walks of life to become a positive influence in their world. This is why we choose to take a generous portion of the proceeds from every single sale and leverage them in a one-for-one giving model. For every mattress you buy, we donate one to a child in Denver’s foster care system. For many of these children it will be the first mattress they’ve ever slept on. Share comfort, spread karma, and make your difference.