The balance of contouring pressure relief and lasting support deliver perfect spinal alignment and all night comfort. The Sage Bed is backed by a 10 year non-prorated warranty. Welcome to the sleep you've been dreaming of!

*Frame and foundation sold separately.

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Organic Cotton


Natural Latex

Karma Kid Donations

For every mattress you buy, we donate one to a Denver foster child.


Organic Cotton

Our quilt is an organic stretch knit cotton designed to allow our foams to contour seamlessly to your body while providing amazing breathability and none of the harmful chemicals synthetic fabrics can have.

Hypergel Foam

2.5 inches of hypergel cold foam provides the contouring pressure relief your body needs to allow your joints and muscles to relax and you natural curves to settle into the mattress encouraging proper alignment. As one of the densest foams on the market, it provides hugging pressure relief and doesn’t lack support or longevity .

Natural Latex

2 inches of natural talalay latex is the epitome of give and take, providing buoyant interactive support. It's constantly working with your body to give support while also allowing you into excellent alignment. It's known for its longevity, breathability, and natural anti-microbrial properties. This long lasting, non chemical foam is what your mattress needs.

Tempered Steel

1100 individually pocketed, double tempered steel coils provide long lasting support and limit motion transfer through the mattress, providing another layer of breathability that all foam mattresses can’t provide. We didn’t skimp on our coil system, we added extra firm coils around the outside of the mattress to ensure none of the edges sag and you can utilize the whole surface area of your mattress.